Welcome to la terrazza in the little town of Graniti, Sicily! I spent the month of October 2017, painting a murals here with my art collective 13 Feet Off The Ground.  We were welcomed, fed locally grown food, housed and thoroughly supplied with love and paint as resident artists for Graniti Murales

Click on the Mural above to see this piece in progress. I had alot of support from my husband,  Rob "clean the world" Bakos who weilds a mean broom, clipper and paintbrush!


My mural is called FOREVER or "PERSEMPRE", in Italian. It is an abstract Love Letter to the people of Graniti for their generosity and community spirit!  In honour of the rich and incomparable history of artists in Italy, for this piece, I responded to the work of Italian artist, Aliguiero Boetti. 

3 minute video: 13 Feet Off The Ground