In Studio with WIP - Our Brief Selves Series
The key to the future is in the remnants of the past. You have to identify the idioms of your own time before you can have any identity in the present tense
— Bob Dylan

Painting is a form of problem solving for me and a means to answer questions about existence and the passage of time.  My current work in oil and cold wax is about the internal world of selective memory and nostalgia. My paintings are the imagined and often distorted spaces we inhabit when we recall our pasts.

Fragmented geometric and gestural forms seeking equilibrium are prominent in my work because they conjure both spiritual and temporal metaphors related to time. Circles represent the dynamic, cyclical nature of human evolution, while squares refer to the solid, earthly ways we ground ourselves. Cultural idioms are in are also imbedded in my paintings. They often resurface in my titles. The beeswax and oil I use has a time-worn aesthetic that allows for translucent layers, scraped away, reworked and buffed up much the way I approach my own memories.   

Deborah Bakos is a Canadian Painter based in Vancouver, British Columbia.  She was born and raised on the West Coast and was influenced by her father, a cultural Mennonite, who encouraged her art practise and fostered critical, philosophical discussion around universal truths. Deborah holds a Bachelor of Education in English and Fine Arts from Simon Fraser University and a Certificate of Fine Arts/Painting from Emily Carr University. Her extensive travels in Europe and Asia and her 12 year career as a Humanities educator have provided fertile fodder for her abstracted recollections.

Currently part of a vibrant community of artists in East Vancouver and a founding member of the collective, Parker Art Salon, Deborah exhibits her work locally and internationally. Along with her studio / exhibition practice, she also provides art tours, workshops and painting demonstrations. Her latest project with the all-female mural group 13 Feet off the Ground, was a month long art residency in Sicily where she painted a geometric abstract love letter in homage to Italian Artist Alighieri Boetti. Deborah's writing about art and her community has been published by the Federation of Canadian Artists, the Vancouver Sun and by the University of Victoria Centre for Addictions Research. Deborah’s work can be found in local corporate collections and in private collections in Canada, the US and Europe.